Sunday Services


Sunday@nine is a less formal service that takes place in our Church Hall (Cross House) a few metres away from the Church itself. We mostly have a live band leading us in worshipful songs, and the service has a relaxed feel about it.

Coffee, Tea, Squash and Pastries are served from 8:45 onwards and everyone can help themselves during the service. Young children are welcome and can play at the back and we don’t mind them making a noise! We also run our Shell Club for children aged from 3 to around 8 most Sundays (except in the Summer Holidays). We have a Service Leader and someone to preach to us when the Children have gone to their activities. Service is always finished by 10am and everyone can continue to help themselves to the remainder of the pastries and beverages.

Main Service

Our main service takes place each Sunday at 10:30am in our beautiful church at St James. Styles vary week by week, from Book of Common Prayer Matins, through Holy Communion and the slightly less formal Morning Worship. A typical month will have the first Sunday as Matins, second and forth Sundays as Holy Communion and third Sunday as Morning Worship. When there is a fifth Sunday in the month we generally try to do something a little different such as joining with other churches in the Benefice for a Together in Worship service.

For special religious festivals such as Easter and Christmas, the timings of the Main service may vary.